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Own car to travel Sambo: tents, food, water

Sep. 15, 2015

Go to the mountains, on the road if there is to arrange accommodation, meals whether all reservations, lorry should prepare tents, food and water. An earthquake, MICE tourists should immediately to open, open area away from buildings and vehicles. At the same time, to remain calm in order to present the situation and self-help and mutual aid should be taken to accurately judge. 

Go travel, car travel between the mountains, are vulnerable to some unexpected events, such as landslides, landslides or even earthquakes. At this time, driving enthusiasts how to protect yourself?

 Our company offers different tent according to the different needs of people. Certainly from our company to find a suitable tent. Our tents include camper trailer tent, camping swag,roof top tent, family tent, relief tent, army tent

camper trailer tent

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