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Travel, how to do when we encounter an earthquake

Sep. 21, 2015

Travel, an earthquake, promptly leave the vehicle to an open area shock 

An earthquake, MICE tourists should immediately to open, open area away from buildings and vehicles. In the frequent aftershocks, not low level when tourists not to rush into the house to take their belongings. Should first ensure personal safety. After aftershocks decreases quickly leave the affected area. 

If an earthquake is driving, no open space around the vehicle can temporarily escape. Drivers should slow down as soon as possible and slowly brake, the car parked on the roadside or open space, open the double flashing emergency lights, etc. on the road again after an earthquake. 

Our company produces all kinds of tents, including camper trailer tent, car roof tent, camping swag, family tent. 

So when you set up the tent, especially in camper trailer tents, family tents, avoid seismic zone.

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