Camper Trailer Tent, Camping Swag, Family Tent Usage

Nov 18,2015

1, take Camper Trailer Tent, Camping Swag, Family Tent, the external account must be pointed, avoid contact and internal accounts. Let waterproof outer tent inside droplets penetrate into the inner tent inside

2, tents do not exposure at high temperatures. Do not put on the hot end of cloth beach and ground. This prevents cloth aging, avoid waterproof performance degradation; 

 3, when closing the tent, roll slowly, to have directionality sent packing air inside the tent. If the air in the absence of export volumes tent. Air can only break out of the waterproof layer. This will greatly affect the waterproof performance. For the maintenance of the tent and how to prolong the life of the tent. Please pay attention CNtrail Camp & Outdoor Products Co., Ltd. website  http://www.cntrailtents.com/

CNtrail Camp & Outdoor Products Co., Ltd. mainly produces Camper Trailer Tent, Car Roof Tent, Camping Swag, Safari Tent, Family Tent, Relief Tent, Army Tent, Caravan Awning. If you want, I can be customized according to your needs all kinds of tents.

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