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Dec. 14, 2015

Some travelers are particularly want to be close to nature, they will embrace nature all the time, living in the wild, for them, the necessary equipment and natural knowledge are essential,such as camper trailer tent and food,the following are some of the essence with respect to camping, wish to reference one or two.
First, choose the camp, security is to be considered. In the wild, many accidents can happen. At low altitudes, the risk is much smaller, but still must follow the basic principles of selection camp.
1.Before tents, must be carefully survey the terrain, above the camp do not have the Rolling Stones, bowls and weathered rock that, if found to have rocks scattered signs must not be a tent.
2.Thunderstorm days not encamp in the top of the hill or the open ground to avoid being struck by lightning.
3.thunderstorm days not encamp camp in the flood, river, stream to avoid being swept away by sudden floods.
Then start tent.
1.should be on a hard, flat ground tent, do not camp on the riverbanks and dry river bed.
2.the entrance of the tent to leeward, tents to stay away from the slopes of the Rolling Stones.
3.tent’s corners to use large stones to suppress.
4.should maintain good ventilation inside the tent, cooking in the tent to prevent ignition.
5.the evening before going to sleep To check whether extinguish all flames.
Only then you can spend a comfortable safari

camper trailer tent

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