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The Maintenance of the Tents

Jul. 07, 2015

The Maintenance of the Tents

1.After cleaning, the tent should be placed in shade. Directly put the tent in the sun or high-temperature area will shorten service life of the tent.

2.The cleaning of tents should be gently. Don’t be too hard in case we may destroy the tents.

3.Don’t let the tent be close to any sharp materials.

4.For the colored tents, please notice that it cannot be cleaned together with other material that is difficult to clean. When clean over this kind of the tent, we can brush some toothpaste, and remove it when the tent is dry.

5.When the tent is disconnected, or its thread is loosen , or there are any other problems, we should do some repairing directly.

6. The regular cleaning of the tent is necessary. But, remember that it cannot be clean by the washing machine. For it may destroy the tent and shorten its service life too.

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