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How to Clean a Tent

Jul. 07, 2015

As camping swag, safari tent, family tent, relief tent , army tent, caravan awning tents are widely used, do you know how to clean a tent?

It is very important to clean the tent after we used it, for it relates to its service life and our later use. The washing of tents should following the following items.

1.Clean the subface of the tent, wipe the sediment. If there is something dirty, we can use a little water to clean it.

2.Drying the inside&outside of the tent, then store it. For, if the tent is not dry enough, it may go moldy.

3.Clean the sediment on the stay bar.

4.To protect the waterproof effect, please don’t use any washing products to clean the tent.

For more using tips and other related things of the tents, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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