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How to do when tent pole bent?

Dec. 28, 2015

We often encounter all kinds of problem in the process of using the tent, in particular, there is a tent pole, for example family tentand camper trailer tent, if the tent bent was blown ,how do we do?

The curved plug one end of the rod flanagan, then filling yarn from the other end to the inside, after filled with real pier, then plug the mouth, in the bend gently with a hammer, not of the sand toward canal irrigation. Why does sand fill, this is to prevent tubes become deflated, producing tight corners, to sagan bicycle inner tubes steel strip by force is a way to increase the intensity. Repeat the above steps until the knock straight, hard to light. Wind strength straight after knocking rod decreased, you can find the root of thicker tubes set in here, for added strength. Such as a rubber band attached to troublesome operation, remove it and then carry out such operations.

The most common power poles should be set at the tubes of aluminum or iron, to increase the strength.

If the rod is fiberglass,we should blow straight by hot hair dryer.

If you can not be on for a new bar.

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