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How to choose tent

Dec. 28, 2015

For campers, the tent is home. When after a long day of toil, in Barren or vast desert, camper trailer tent isolate a small piece of serene space for you , you will feel, no matter how bad the outside environment awful, in tents forever safe and friendly, so buy a good tent is inevitable.

When the purchase of tents, The first consideration is the weight of the tent,do not forget you have to tent to your camping place. If you are traveling by car, it means that you can live more comfortable, because you can take a heavier bigger tent; but if you want the tent all day back in the shoulder, then the weight problem will become a major issue. If you only plan to sleep in a tent on eight hours, it is not necessary to bring the big tent; if you just want to rest in tents look, you can take a cheaper, lighter tent. But if it is to establish a base camp, then a number of transport vehicles and large and expensive tent is necessary.

Second, we must choose the quality of the tent, tent divided into single and double, single, only one tarpaulin, poor ventilation. Recommended to choose double, because it not easily cut, breathable and waterproof.

Finally, choose the color, if only an ordinary camping, then you can choose according to their preferences; when the place is not safe to travel, then the best choice for warm colors, danger can easily be found. Such as yellow, orange, red.

Coincided with the feast day, I hope you have a pleasant trip.

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